Furniture for family, friends & furries. Really.

When we say that our upholstered furniture is furniture for families, friends and your furry family members, we REALLY mean it. Just this weekend several of us gathered at a true Livable Home with friends & furry friends for a weekend of wine and dogs. Wet paws, drool, wine name it and it found its way onto every piece of upholstered furniture. Did we stress? Did we panic when Dunbar jumped onto the white chair with muddy paws and wet belly? Did we scream when the pinot noir was spilled? No. It all came clean. 

If you have a an active lifestyle with pets, kids, family & friends in and out of your home, The Livable Home furniture is really for you. How liberating it is to entertain and not worry about your new furniture. In fact, you shouldn't have to worry about it, you should be enjoying it and showing it off! 

It may be a little late to order for this weekend's Super Bowl, but if you have events or guests coming in the spring or summer maybe it's time for you to get that new sofa or chair. Entertain freely and often. Have your dog's BFF come for a playdate. Jump, spill and drool away! 

Get your new look today and let TLH help you make your home more stylishly LIFE friendly! 

Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley