The ORIGINAL Sofa for The Livable Home. 11 years later...

Here it is. The ORIGINAL sofa. The very first prototype for The Livable Home. It is eleven years old. It has moved 4 times in it's lifetime. It has been sat upon everyday since it was first delivered. If this sofa could talk, it would have so many stories to tell. It would tell about the time Chloe & Tigger caught a bird outside and brought it through the doggie door where it was then set free, only to have Oliver the cat kill the bird - on the sofa. It actually came clean. A lot of bleach was used on it and it didn't damage it. This sofa would tell about the time that almost an entire bottle of a really good malbec was spilled on it and how it survived spot free. It would tell about all the foster dogs that slept on it, humans that napped on it and the cat the uses it every day still. 

It's going to be retired soon, sent to a younger family member striking out on his own. It will be well loved and used again daily by a couple of dogs carrying on the tradition of lounging on the sofa. It will get drooled on and spilled upon always coming clean. 

The frame style is no longer offered, but the fabric- Tawny Grade D is. It is a little lived in looking, but you would be too if you had the life that this sofa has had. 


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley