Paws for the Cause

On our old site, we had a section called "Paws for the Cause" which had links to different shelters that The Livable Home supports and endorses.

Now, we are going to go one step further and highlight one shelter once a month. That makes 12 shelters or foundations in the US that will get the benefit of some publicity and hopefully help. We are showcasing small shelters & foundations that truly run on donations only and that have made an impact in their community. The Livable Home will donate a portion of sales each month to these organizations over the next year. Our goal is, as we grow as a company our contribution to the pet shelter world will grow too.We believe in these organizations and would love a world that needed less of them.

Our first shelter in the spotlight is the Espanola Valley Humane Society. Located in northern New Mexico, Espanola is a poor, rural area that has an amazing shelter that in 2013 adopted out 2,943 animals into the community and surrounding areas. This innovative shelter has a community outreach program called Pet Amigos. This program is designed to make lives easier for pets & pet owners in need, by offering free spay/neutering clinics, vaccinations & pet food. The program educates the community on caring for pets. The Livable Home supports and endorses this cause because education is so very important for poor communities with an over abundance of stray and feral animals. EVHS is an amazingly well run organization that is constantly looking for interesting ways to raise money and awareness to animal wellness, well being and treatment of animals.

We encourage you to click onto their site and learn more & donate if you can! $10 can do a lot.

Thank you for caring and sharing. If you have a shelter or foundation that you think should be showcased, please email us at

 Help us help animals in need!

Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley