Sofa Season ( and our Spring into Spring Sofa Sale)

We realize that this has been a HARD winter for the majority of the US this year, long, snowy and frigid. We here at TLH hope though that you have all had a wonderful SOFA SEASON. We mean, that you have sat on your sofa more this winter than most watching movies, Downton Abbey and of course weather reports. And during this much amassed time on your sofa, you have decided that it may be time to invest in a new one.

Like most large purchases, a sofa is an investment. It is a piece of furniture that you plan on having for 8-10 years. So, it should be a well made, comfortable piece that is stylish and a reflection of your home's personality. As we know many of you can't wait to get off your sofa this season and think about the outdoors, so we would like to entice you into thinking of purchasing that new sofa now.

With our Spring into Spring Sofa Sale, you can get the old, well worn, much sat upon sofa out and add a new springy sofa to your home for spring. As the seasons change and the snow turns into mud and then into a beautiful colorful landscape, many of us spring clean, paint and spruce up the house to reflect the renewal of the seasons. Adding one new piece of furniture to your home can make it feel like a completely new space.

After a long winter, don't you and your home deserve a new, springy, comfortable, stylish sofa to splash some new energy into your space?

Starting March 1st  Sofas are 20% off. Designer Collection sofas are 15%. New introductions in both Collections being added weekly.


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley