Been Busy with the Spring Sofa Sale...

So, we haven't been posting and we apologize! As the Sofa Sale has been running us ragged, we are trying to recover so that we can begin adding more new product to the site.

We are trying to tally up our best selling sofas this sale and see who the winner will be. For our Chair Sale, we had a tie between the "Tig" chair and the "Coco" chair. It will be interesting to see if the "Tig" sofa still remains the top selling sofa 3 years running.

If you are still interested in a sofa, please email us and we can get you in under the wire for the sale. The official end date for the sofa sale was April 10th, but we can work something out until the 15th for anyone still interested in getting that perfect sofa for the house.

We promise to get busy adding our new products to the site and keeping up the Blog Posts!




Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley