Your sofa, your dog and mud.

Well, here we are heading into summer! Although, where we are it has been a bit of a wet start. That means muddy paws and stinky wet dogs. It used to be an issue to let the hounds in after romping through the puddles and running straight towards mud but not as much now. Believe me, we don't love wet dog smell anywhere in the house but we are a little less stressed if we don't get them completely wiped down before they head for the TV room and up onto the sofa.

My husband used to almost panic when they would get mud on the sofa or a chair. Then he realized that he had married into a Livable Home family. We don't panic when mud gets on furniture we take a breath, let it dry and then set to cleaning. Over the years we have proven time and again that panicking does not work, but letting mud dry does. Once it dries then vacuum the piece, if there is a spot after that step, then mix luke warm water & a gentle detergent or color safe bleach ( we like Chlorox Gentle Bleach) and blot the stained area. You can also use this mixture to wipe down the entire piece (dogs do tend to shake when wet & near something nice in the house). This will also take out whatever other things have spilled or splashed onto your furniture.

Since The Livable Home furniture is also odor repellant, the wet dog smell may linger in the air, but not on the furniture! So, bring it on! and wipe it off! Easily.


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley