Graphite, Smoke, Cement, Gunmetal....

No matter the shade or what it is called, the color Grey is a GREAT neutral color to build from for your home's color palette. The designers here at The Livable Home have always loved this color as a base. So many colors look great as an accent with Grey. For calm, tranquil looks use shades of purple for a soft palette. To pop and add a sunny splash, bright yellows and golds can brighten up grey and make a room feel airy. Periwinkle is a beautiful soft accent color that can make a palette a bit more sophisticated. And of course, we love orange with grey. That has been our favorite color combo for years!

If you are tired of taupe, beige, putty and those more earth toned neutrals try grey as your new base color. It will add some dimension and is truly the new neutral.


For a great example, here is the Dunbar sofa in our Vista Concrete.

Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley