Want to touch a fabric? Just ask!

Of course you can email us for fabric samples! We send out sample packets twice a week. You can order three samples for FREE. After 3 the cost of additional fabrics is $3.95. We want you to be able to feel & test them yourself so you can make an educated choice as to which one works the best for your home.

Currently the design staff (and our "fabric testers") are trying out new fabrics that will be added to the line. If they don't pass the design test (do they feel good to touch & look great) and the dog & cat tests (do they snag, do they clean up easily of mud, drool and whatnot) then they don't make it. But if they pass, they get added and you have more choices!

Just email us your mailing info or call us at 1.866.572.9963 and we will get samples out to you within 48 hours.


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley