FALL in Love with your home again & you have incentive...

Now that we are waking up to brisk mornings, beautiful fall colors outdoors and the wonderful scents of autumn, it is time to start thinking about making your home the most comfortable, durable & of course stylish that you can. Football season has started, parties are moving indoors and Thanksgiving is really right around the corner which means, more traffic through the house. It's time to get that new sofa, chair or dining chairs that you have been wanting. 

The Livable Home furniture line is not just pet friendly- it's FAMILY & FRIEND friendly too!

Salsa spills,wine incidents and crushed chips are nothing for one of TLH's pieces. So, when the party gets going you don't have to worry. You can have that accident prone friend on your new sofa. In fact, make sure he or she sits on it. Tell them to BRING IT ON. Because you can WIPE IT OFF. It's THAT easy.

Get that new piece you have been thinking about it. Now's the time! If you wait any longer, it won't make it for the big Thanksgiving weekend. This is the week to do it! Call us directly for your order and you will receive an extra 25% off your order.


The Livable Home wants to help you FALL in love with your home again! Call us!  1.866.572.9963.

Our office hours are from 8am to 5pm Mountain Time. We will return your within 24 hours.


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley