Meet our New Sofa the....

Before we announce the name - we want to let all of our wonderful followers that sent in entries know that we had the HARDEST time choosing between all of the names. We had many entries with the same names and many that we already have on the site. So that brought it down to "one & only" and unique names. Then we had to really process the face/name/sofa as a combo. Did we see that little face & personality fitting that sofa. We have to say that it is quite the process! 

A lot of debating among the staff and back & forth over the favorites causing some silent office hours. Despite all of it, we decided that the name & personality that fit the sofa- again shown below- is

The "AKAMAI" - we just thought the name was so different from any of our other pieces already online that we had to go with it.

We also don't want to disappoint anyone, so over the next few months look for the Ivy Chair, the Zeus sofa, the Pippa sofa and the Prinston chair. Again, The Livable Home staff is so appreciative of all the entries, emails and calls that we got about this! 

And for those that didn't make this round, we will be doing another group of furniture after the first of year & your furry (or feathered) friend could be selected!


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley