How is The Livable Home different than other furniture lines?

The Livable Home furniture line is different because our pieces are made with families & pets in mind. We have worked really hard finding textiles that are super durable but also feel good to touch. The fabrics are woven in a way that they are flat weaves that don't allow fur to get embedded into the fabric and also makes it hard for the kitty claws to destroy. We have found that our fabrics can stand up to about most anything you throw at them. And being hypo-allergenic is just a nice bonus.


Our frames are reinforced and sturdy for "heavy traffic"- meaning your Great Dane or Mastiff. We have options for our cushions that will allow you to select ones that will hold up under the weight of your larger pets and not get pancaked. The Livable Home has tried to take every family pet scenario into consideration in building and designing our furniture.


We truly want to make your home more stylishly pet friendly! That's why The Livable Home is different.

Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley