Holiday Happiness

We here at The Livable Home love the holiday season! As we get ready for our personal holiday celebrations, we are hit every day with unexpected notes and cards from our clients & customers from over the years. We appreciate all of the lovely cards and photos that you send with your families and animals enjoying time lounging on a Livable Home piece. The staff loves getting those and we display them around the office to be reminded of all the happiness that spending time with family brings.

This holiday season, we are so happy to be working with animal shelters across the country to spread happiness,  love & support. As we posted last week, TLH donates $50 to a shelter of your choice, plus every month we donate a portion of our profits to some of the greatest animal protection organizations in the country.

If you can spread a little love and happiness this season, we encourage you to check into what you local animal shelter needs. Let's try together to make the US a "no more Homeless pets" place.

And PLEASE keep sending us your photos of your family enjoying your Livable Home piece!!

Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley