It May Not Be Instant Gratification But...

Purchasing a new custom piece of furniture may not be an instant gratification but once you get the new piece and see what it does to change the feel of a room it is well worth the wait. The Livable Home knows that a lot of you (as do we) like to peruse the internet during winter storms and cold nights, but buying piece of furniture is sometimes not as "soul comforting" as say a pair of shoes that you can have in 3 days. We want to remind you that although waiting for the piece can be tedious, we do understand this too, it is so worth the wait when you see it in your home and your friends & family comment how great it is. 

A furniture piece isn't an "impulse" buy- it takes thought and planning sometimes to get exactly the right piece for your home. Furniture isn't a "trendy" thing that will go out of style like those red hot boots you bought that have fringe and hit you in the mid calf at just the wrong place. Furniture is something that should be stylish & comfortable adding to the feel of your space. It for cuddling with your cat, dog, child, partner and binge watching your favorite show. 

It may not be an instant gratification purchase, but once you have it and use it daily, you will forget the wait and sink comfortably into it with your hot cocoa while the next storm moves through. 

Let The Livable Home help you find the perfect piece to purchase for your home! Call our designers or email us for questions regarding the furniture line and how we can help you. 

As always we look forward to helping you make your home more stylishly pet friendly!


Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley