Wishing for Spring

Since more than 60% of our country is covered in snow and/or ice, the staff here at TLH started to wish about spring and dream of the days to come that will be filled with sunshine & flowers.

We also made a list of things that we look forward to each spring and here are the Top 5:

5) The first daffodil.
4) The first day you don't HAVE to wear boots.
3) Seeing GRASS.
2) Taking the dog for a walk and enjoying it because it isn't snowing!

Now, one & two were actual ties. We all love walking our dogs -especially in lovely weather - but we also all LOVE to spring clean. There is just something about getting to it and cleaning away the winter and opening the house to spring air.

But there is also that feeling of sheer happiness walking your dog in the spring breeze with the sun shining on your face. One can't help but to smile! Who doesn't love that feeling!

So, hang in there, spring really is around the corner and we all deserve to enjoy it!!Mini dog park largenotecards grande



Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley