Questions for Us here at The Livable Home?

Clicking through the site and find something that you LOVE but have a question for us about the piece? Email us and we will be back to you in 24hrs or less. 

Since we are located in Mountain time, our offices hours don't always seem to work with other time zones' schedules, so please email us your questions and we will answer anything thrown at us.  

Most asked question- "do you have a location?" - Currently we do not have a store where you can see our line. The photos online depict a very real idea of what the pieces look like. As for comfort & quality- we couldn't be selling furniture for the past 10 years that wasn't comfortable or made well.

Next question- "do you ship anywhere?" -- we can ship to all States under the Canadian border and above the Mexican border. Alaska & Hawaii are still out of reach and we are currently looking at a deal for shipping to Canada, but that may still be another 6 months before we can. 

Any other questions please email us at For the next month, our founder, Amy McCawley, will be answering each email personally.




Amy McCawley
Amy McCawley