June 13, 2016


Hey New Yorkers and all of you visiting NY this summer! Go get yourself a copy of the Hampton's Pet Magazine. Our creator/CEO, Amy McCawley is being featured in the summer issue along with her household of furry kids. 

We are all really excited about the article.  Also we are super proud that Dunbar, Dixie, Arthur and Oliver were all really great models and stayed in the zone all day. They are pros when it comes to photo shoots but not a diva in the pack. 

The article is written by our own Amy McCawley and she explains her approach to designing for the pet family. 

If you are in the NYC area or the Hampton's (because really, don't we all spend summers there;) pick up a copy and see our in house models posing on The Livable Home furniture. 

June 08, 2016

Getting back to the Blog...

The Livable Home staff takes turns writing the blog and along the way, the ball has been dropped. We have regrouped our "social media experts" and will be on it all summer. 

Speaking of which, this summer think about what furniture you would like to replace in the fall. Most of our design clients get to about August and have decided that they would love some new pieces for the fall and then the holiday season. We call this the -" I sat on that sofa all winter and hated it and being away from it this summer hasn't made me like it any more" syndrome. It happens. Winter is for sofa sitting while binge watching TV and that sofa gets used. Summer when we are all outdoors, we kind of forget about that uncomfortable sofa until about the end of August. 

So, even though we are just heading into summer, you might want to start thinking about how comfortable a new furniture piece would be for the fall & winter. 

Even our pets are thinking about it!


February 22, 2016

Happy Customer Axel...

We love getting photos of you & your family enjoying The Livable Home furniture! We also love getting these great emails along with the photos. TLH truly appreciates hearing from our customers. Getting stylish, durable and comfortable furniture out to families is what we live for. 

Here's one that we just got from Axel's dad.

'The couch arrived and we are very happy.  The delivery company is top notch!  Will buy in future again.  As you can see from attached photo our family member approves.'

 Peter J Drews, DDS 

February 08, 2016

The ORIGINAL Sofa for The Livable Home. 11 years later...

Here it is. The ORIGINAL sofa. The very first prototype for The Livable Home. It is eleven years old. It has moved 4 times in it's lifetime. It has been sat upon everyday since it was first delivered. If this sofa could talk, it would have so many stories to tell. It would tell about the time Chloe & Tigger caught a bird outside and brought it through the doggie door where it was then set free, only to have Oliver the cat kill the bird - on the sofa. It actually came clean. A lot of bleach was used on it and it didn't damage it. This sofa would tell about the time that almost an entire bottle of a really good malbec was spilled on it and how it survived spot free. It would tell about all the foster dogs that slept on it, humans that napped on it and the cat the uses it every day still. 

It's going to be retired soon, sent to a younger family member striking out on his own. It will be well loved and used again daily by a couple of dogs carrying on the tradition of lounging on the sofa. It will get drooled on and spilled upon always coming clean. 

The frame style is no longer offered, but the fabric- Tawny Grade D is. It is a little lived in looking, but you would be too if you had the life that this sofa has had. 


February 01, 2016

Furniture for family, friends & furries. Really.

When we say that our upholstered furniture is furniture for families, friends and your furry family members, we REALLY mean it. Just this weekend several of us gathered at a true Livable Home with friends & furry friends for a weekend of wine and dogs. Wet paws, drool, wine name it and it found its way onto every piece of upholstered furniture. Did we stress? Did we panic when Dunbar jumped onto the white chair with muddy paws and wet belly? Did we scream when the pinot noir was spilled? No. It all came clean. 

If you have a an active lifestyle with pets, kids, family & friends in and out of your home, The Livable Home furniture is really for you. How liberating it is to entertain and not worry about your new furniture. In fact, you shouldn't have to worry about it, you should be enjoying it and showing it off! 

It may be a little late to order for this weekend's Super Bowl, but if you have events or guests coming in the spring or summer maybe it's time for you to get that new sofa or chair. Entertain freely and often. Have your dog's BFF come for a playdate. Jump, spill and drool away! 

Get your new look today and let TLH help you make your home more stylishly LIFE friendly! 

January 12, 2016


The Livable Home will be introducing The Style Collections. We will be adding tables, accent pieces, lamps and accessories that will enhance the already great collection of upholstered goods.  Although some of these pieces aren't "pet friendly" they are absolutely "style friendly"! The upholstered pieces are stylishly pet friendly as usual.

 The new Style Collections consist of New Traditional, Modern and Classic. 

Here are a preview of some of the fabulous new pieces being added to our Style Collections!

January 04, 2016

New Year, New Styles, New Look!

Happy New Year!!

The Livable Home staff is incredibly excited for 2016. We are already working away at designing new furniture styles, finding new fabrics and adding new fun products! 

While we are updating and enhancing our store, we hope that the work does not interfere with your online ordering. We plan to work on the site at odd hours, but if it there are glitches, we do apologize in advance for that. TLH will try and make the transition smoothly so there no issues for our customers.

Over the next few months there will be exciting changes, announcements and featured products. The entire staff here at The Livable Home look forward to making 2016 a great year for our customers and their homes. 

As always- we look forward to helping you make your home more stylishly Pet Friendly in 2016!