September 29, 2014

We can help you design your home!

We get a lot of emails and phone calls requesting design help for a more pet friendly/family friendly home. Our staff is more than happy to help you with that! Everyone on our staff is a trained & licensed designer and LOVES what they do. We love helping our customers pick out color schemes & help make furniture plans for your new sofa & chairs or whatever else you buy with us.

Our staff is always there to answer questions about any factor of designing a more Pet Friendly/Family Friendly home for your lifestyle. From flooring to furniture, The Livable Home can help you design your very own LIVABLE HOME for your entire family to enjoy!

Please call us at 1.866.572.9963 or email us at with your design questions!

September 22, 2014

Have You Seen Our Cute Notecards?

Let's talk about small, cute gifts. Who doesn't love finding those quirky, fun gifts to give as a hostess gift or a thank you gift? The Livable Home has some really fun small items that are great for those occasions. Everyone on our staff here has a stock of our R Nichols cards for those very reasons. We also have given out our famous  "Dogs are the New Kids" T-shirts. We can't keep those in stock actually.


If you have parties to attend, friends or family that you are visiting, a small gift from The Livable Home collection can bring a laugh & a smile to any face.


Think about these the next time you need to give a small gift! This the "The Nap" notecards. FUN.


September 15, 2014


Are we the only ones obsessed with chairs? Chairs, once considered just utilitarian are a great way to introduce personality and style into a room. Mixing a mid century modern piece, like our Frank Chair, with a traditional style sofa is a creative way to show personality and blend styles together. 

TLH recently did a project where we used the Stanley sofa with 2 of the Frank Chairs and a plexi cocktail table to make a room feel comfortable & hip. Our designers love to use chairs as accent pieces and focal points. The shapes that are available now are inviting, interesting and also comfortable. 

Think about your home and envision using a chair (or two!) to change the feel and make a statement.



September 08, 2014

We Love Photos from our Customers!

The Livable Home has a unique place in the furniture world and although we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take our furniture line and our customers seriously. So, when we get photos from our customers of their pets & family members lounging on their TLH furniture we LOVE it!


If you have purchased a piece from us 10 years ago or 10 days ago, we LOVE getting photos of your furniture & families. Please keep them coming in and if you want any published on our site, we will. 


We want our customers to enjoy the furniture and that means sharing with our four-legged (or 2 for those of our customers with birds) family members!



September 03, 2014


We would like to introduce the Kassel sofa. This is a lovely addition to our line and we named the piece after a dear friend's dog that recently passed away. Kassel the German Shepard was beautiful & strong and in the words of her mother- "Strong but with some feminine curves" so this sofa matches her perfectly. 


We honor Kassel and her life. The Livable Home staff hopes that the Kassel Sofa would have been a comfy place for the real Kassel to rest after a day in the water.

August 27, 2014

Code Word

For the SALE- our offer code word is EXTENDED. We apologize that we did not include that in our last post. Thank you to those that have called and emailed to ask. Now you have your discount code word and soon your new furniture!
August 19, 2014


Due to the overwhelming response & requests for fabric samples to get orders in by the end of the SALE-

The Livable Home is extending the sale to August 31st. Please feel free to email us questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


For those of you that have just ordered samples, know that you have a little more time to decide on color!

Thanks to all of you who have placed orders! We Love Our Customers!