About Us

Bring it on. Live it up. Wipe it off.


What do you get when you cross one interior designer, 3 dogs and a cat?  Stylish contemporary furniture that can stand up to just about anything you, your pets, kids and guests can dish out. Fueled by Amy McCawley’s belief that great looking modern furniture could also be lifestyle-friendly, in 2006 the Livable Home was born.
After working in the commercial & hospitality end of interior design, Amy McCawley transitioned into residential design. Having animals herself and loving good design, she knew that there had to be a way for pet owners to have both stylish design and animals on the furniture. So, Amy began testing fabrics that were soft to the touch, but durable enough to stand up to dogs & cats and so many other things that happen on a daily basis to furniture. After testing hundreds of fabrics using her household of dogs and cat, she narrowed down the field and selected only the ones that could be cleaned easily, repelled liquids, were resistant to odors and were hypoallergenic. If a fabric doesn't make it in the McCawley household then it does not make it to The Livable Home line.
With accolades from and appearances on/in HGTV, Real Simple, Doggie Aficionado, and Modern Dog magazine, Amy is looking to open stores on both the East and West Coast so everyone can have home that looks great and holds up to everything life has to offer.


The Livable Home  - Pet Friendly, Contemporary Furniture with Stain and Soil Resistant Fabrics