It's not so much what gets on it as what comes off. Everything.
  • One question that we get often is" what is the difference in the fabric grades?" And really, there isn't one. Other than the fact that each "grade" is priced based on the actual cost to produce that particular fabric.No grade is "better" than another.
  • Although, we do recommend flat weaves for households with cats. This is because they are woven so tightly that our clawing friends can't make that initial puncture to continue on to the fun fraying. Our staff is always happy to help you select a fabric based on personal needs and tastes in textiles. 
  • We do not sell our fabrics by the yard. The Livable Home furniture line is a complete package. From the frame construction, to the cushions and the fabrics, each component makes the entire piece durable.
  • Our product is made in the USA. Our factory is in North Carolina and our fabrics are milled here in the USA too. We are proud of that fact and proud to support these companies.
  • Each piece is custom made at time of order. We do not have any pieces in stock. Production lead time is 8-10 weeks and an additional 7-10 business days for freight & delivery.
  • Freight costs vary depending on weight of piece and zip code being delivered to. Please call for a quote.

 Furniture from The Livable Home is extremely easy to clean. Ever have a chenille sofa? One that you needed to tackle with the vacuum until you pulled a muscle fighting to get it clean? Well, that's not the case with our fabrics.

                          Here are our suggestions for cleaning a TLH piece:

  • Do vacuum weekly.
  • Flip the seat cushions and back cushions regularly.
  • For spots or dirt stains that are new, don't panic. (We have found this doesn't work.) If you let it dry, you can usually vacuum the spot or dirt and don't have to do anything else.
  • For "stubborn" or set stains, again, don't panic. We use gentle detergents, (either laundry or dish) with warm water and a clean cloth rag to spot clean.
  • You can also use gentle color safe bleach with lukewarm water to wipe spots and dirt away.
  • If you are a clean freak like some of us here at TLH, vacuuming and wiping the piece down weekly won't be a problem. Not only will the fabric will hold up to this cleaning, but it will maintain that new look even longer.